Ederson scares Atalanta: “I don’t know if I’ll stay. I’m curious about the Premier League”

Edersonmidfielder ofAtalantagave a long interview to the microphones of Asstarting it by talking about his season: “It was very good. I am very happy to have managed to achieve the objectives that I had set for myself individually, but, above all, to have managed to reconcile all this with Atalanta’s objectives, to reach the final of the Europa League and being champion for the people. It was a sensational season.

What were Ederson’s secrets this season?
“I think a little patience and work because it’s not always possible to reach this level. You get there by doing what you believe in. Of course you always want to do the best, but you don’t always reach your goals quickly. So I think it’s always been important to be patients and work calmly. And then, like the first season, it went well for me, I didn’t have the numbers I had this season, but it was positive for my evolution. I was able to see how far I could go and for this season I came in with a slightly better mindset, already knowing more or less what I could do, so I set goals and tried to achieve them.

How was your adaptation from Brazil to Italian football?
“It was a bit difficult at first, but like all adaptations. When you move house, the first few months are a bit difficult. But now, looking back on it, I think it was a good adaptation. Today I have adapted very well at the Italian championship, at Atalanta. I’m happy to have been able to understand the ideas of the game so quickly, to know that this is a championship with a more tactical, more positional scheme at times. Today I can say that it was a success.” .

What is your best role? At Atalanta he sometimes plays as a midfielder.
“I can play in different positions. I think it’s because it’s easier for me to understand what they ask of me. Playing in Italy helped me a lot in this, knowing that I already know how to position myself well and observe the spaces I have on the pitch. I can play these two functions without problems, with great tranquility. If I had to choose a position, I couldn’t tell you. I have no preference on where to play. In midfield, depending on the game situations or what the coach needs, I can understand and assimilate this I think I can play in any central position, with a little more freedom or even with more constraints to stay behind.”

Do you prefer to be closer to the goal or in the heart of the maneuver?
“I like to attack because I have the strength to do so and then to regain the position to defend. Obviously everyone wants to score, but the more defensive and more positional role is equally important and I know how important it is for the team as a whole to have a player who he stops counterattacks a little more and positions himself well. Obviously I like scoring goals, but I also know the importance of other roles, so it’s the same for me.”

What do you remember about the 3-0 against Leverkusen?
“It’s easy to remember, it’s a great moment of happiness. A great memory. I have practically everything in mind, I remember how our team prepared, the mentality of aggressiveness in pressing and also in giving in a little more, the patience , because we knew their quality of passing, of touch. So we had a very strong mentality and we knew that at some point we would be able to steal the ball, because we had very strong and very aggressive pressure. We knew that the opportunities would come and we exploited them. It was very intense. It was a Europa League final, so everything was very intense, but very good. We managed to reproduce the coach’s idea and put it into practice on the pitch. So everything went very well , it went as expected.”

How important was Gasperini’s influence on your career?
“It was very positive. He is a great coach, I have said it many times. His ability to help young people is well known. He managed to bring out the best in many players, helping them to evolve, to learn more. With It was no different to me. Day by day he helped me a lot in his own way. He’s a very serious person, but he’s a great coach and he helped me a lot this season. In the end I even thanked him me was very important and that it had been an amazing season for everyone, both for him and for me. So I had to thank him for his help, for helping me develop my game.”

Manchester United, Barcelona, ​​Atletico Madrid, Liverpool and Juventus have asked for information about her. Will he leave Italy?
“It always happens when the transfer market opens that all the speculation comes, but not only about my future, but also about that of many players. When I received my call I said to my wife and my agents: ‘Look, I’m going to the national team now. , so we have to deal with what comes and what doesn’t come. Now I’ll focus on the national team, it’s my first call-up, so I have to be one hundred percent with my mind there and then I’ll think about my future.’ Atalanta I feel very good. I just won a great title, I integrated very well. My future is something that doesn’t worry me at the moment is doing well here with the Brazilian team, leaving a positive impression because it’s my first call-up. Make sure everyone knows me here as everyone knows me in Italy. I’m very focused, very happy, I’m trying to make the most of this moment with the national team.”

Now its valuation is 40 million euros. He knew?
“No, as I have already said, I am not used to following this whole world of transfers. Rumors are something that, as my wife and I often say, will always pass. We are calm, happy, we enjoy the moment. If there must be some kind of change, I trust my agents. I have an agent who’s been with me for over 13 years, so the moment he thinks something positive is going to happen, he’ll tell me and we’ll be in touch. We’ve talked a lot about taking advantage of the moment and At the moment I’m doing very well at Atalanta. I don’t think it’s these speculations that distract me. If something happens regarding a transfer, the club must accept it first, and that’s the most important thing. I have a good relationship with Atalanta , so the moment they come to tell me that they have some offers, that will be when the talks will start. At the moment I am an Atalanta player and I am still an Atalanta player. When my time with the national team ends I will also enjoy it a short holiday, important to rest, and then I will return to Italy”.

Which league is best suited for his playing style?
“I don’t know, I’ve thought about it a lot, I like Italy, I’ve adapted well, but I’m curious about the Premier League, so I don’t know. I’m still growing, so I don’t know if I’ll stay in Italy, I think I still have a lot to prove. But if I go somewhere else, it will be the same.

Do you have a message for Atalanta fans?
“I only have words of gratitude for all your support this season. We felt the support of the fans and they were always there, giving us positive energy. Even in moments when we had some difficulties, they were there, always supporting us, there have never been any criticisms this season and this has helped us a lot to get back on track to reach the Italian Cup final and become Europa League champions. I would like to thank you for your support and I hope that next season you will continue to support us with Force”.