Di Nunno announces: “I leave Lecco in the hands of Aliberti. A hug to the fans”

Management officially ends Paolo Di Nunno to the Lecco. This was announced by the number one of the Lombard club himself during the press conference held a few minutes ago.

“This message goes to the fans – we read above Lecco Channel News -. I leave with suffering, I leave you in the hands of a successful entrepreneur (Aniello Alibertied.), which I hope will help you reach Serie A. I wish you many successful football seasons, a hug to everyone: we’ll see you soon.”

The word then passed to the new representative of the club: “We close with the signature from the notary and we will be operational as a new structure. We will have to run, the times are quite tight to think about the team and the organization. I want to thank, or curse, Corrado Valsecchi because he was the first facilitator as well as those who collaborated in the success of the negotiation in the persons of Gaetano Manfredini and Francesco Micheli. From tomorrow morning I will get to work: I will have my brother Michele at my side, who has experience in the sector, crucial support will arrive by my son Francesco who pushed me towards this very challenging step. The company will have a governance similar to that of the companies I have managed and which are part of my group”.