Di Lorenzo: “It’s nice to be respected by Conte, I can only be happy with what he said”

The captain of Napoli and an important member of the Italian national team spoke at a press conference today Giovanni Di Lorenzo he also spoke about Antonio Conte’s words towards him: “I can only be happy with what he said, he is a great coach and being esteemed by him and by great coaches is nice, it means that what I have done has been appreciated” .

You thought you could be led by two coaches: here by Spalletti, in Naples by Conte.
“Yes, they are certainly two coaches who are having an incredible career, both have reached the Italian national team and therefore only congratulations, it is an honor to be coached by them.”

Do you think Spalletti has changed compared to Napoli?
“He’s always the same, he’s a worker and he loves being on the pitch and making the players understand his idea. Here maybe the time is less, there are longer sessions and a few more videos, but it’s all according to his standards. I don’t see the coach changed or motivated because it’s a great opportunity for him and for all of us.”

Regardless of the decision, is your decision about the future final?
I spoke with the club at the end of the season and then I came to the national team. When the time comes to talk about Napoli I will talk about Napoli, but now my head is here, I want to have a great European Championship.”

Reread the full press conference by Giovanni Di Lorenzodefender of Italy