Di Lorenzo: “I was lucky enough to meet Tamberi, I hope I can celebrate like him”

The captain of Napoli and an important member of the Italian national team spoke at a press conference today Giovanni Di Lorenzospoke thus of yesterday’s celebration of Gianmarco Tamberi, who yesterday won the European title after having won the Olympic and world title: “We are following them. I was lucky enough to know him and we are rooting for him and for the whole team Italian national athletics team”.

Who is in your group who has a Tamberi personality?
“Yesterday I saw his beautiful celebration… I don’t know, in the national team I hope to have the opportunity to celebrate like him after a great victory”.

You thought you could be led by two coaches: here by Spalletti, in Naples by Conte
“Yes, they are certainly two coaches who are having an incredible career, both have reached the Italian national team and therefore only congratulations, it is an honor to be coached by them.”

How calm are you three days before the start of the competition?
“I am very calm, I am preparing for this second European Championship which is something beautiful. Now everything may seem normal, but for me, having made a journey coming from the bottom, it is very beautiful, I am proud. The concentration is maximum on this competition, also for put aside my and Napoli’s bad season. I want to achieve the best possible results.”

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