Di Lorenzo: “I am very calm. Then when the time comes to talk about Napoli I will do so”

The captain of Napoli and an important member of the Italian national team spoke at a press conference today Giovanni Di Lorenzospoke about his complicated situation at club level as follows: “I am very calm, I am preparing this second European Championship which is something beautiful. Now everything may seem normal, but for me, who have followed a path coming from the bottom, it is very beautiful, I’m proud. I have maximum concentration on this competition, also to put aside my and Napoli’s bad season. I want to achieve the best possible results.”

It is said that you want to leave Napoli, can you explain your version?
“I haven’t spoken yet because the national team decides who speaks… A lot is being written, I could have even decided not to come but I’m calm. I spoke with the club at the end of the championship, we spoke, but now the concentration is maximum about this competition. What bothers me is this assumption, what interests me is doing well here with the national team.”

Are you able to be calm and focused only on the European Championship?
“I am very serene. Someone said that I am sad, silent, but this is bullshit. These are untrue things and then people want to spread untrue things, I am very serene and ready to face this European Championship with Italy. Then when the time comes to talk about Napoli I will, I won’t hold back, now the most important thing is to stay focused on the European Championship.”