Di Lorenzo: “Am I sad? Asshole***. I’ll talk about Naples in due time, putting my face to it”

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1.00 pm – The press conference will begin in a few minutes Giovanni Di Lorenzo. The defender of Napoli and the national team will be the first footballer to speak to the journalists present at Casa Azzurri in Iserlohn.

Did you see Tamberi last night?
“Yes, yes, we are following them. I was lucky enough to know him and we are rooting for him and for the entire Italian national athletics team.”

Who is in your group who has a Tamberi personality?
“Yesterday I saw his beautiful celebration… I don’t know, in the national team I hope to have the opportunity to celebrate like him after a great victory”.

You thought you could be led by two coaches: here by Spalletti, in Naples by Conte
“Yes, they are certainly two coaches who are having an incredible career, both have reached the Italian national team and therefore only congratulations, it is an honor to be coached by them.”

How calm are you three days before the start of the competition?
“I am very calm, I am preparing for this second European Championship which is something beautiful. Now everything may seem normal, but for me, having made a journey coming from the bottom, it is very beautiful, I am proud. The concentration is maximum on this competition, also for put aside my and Napoli’s bad season. I want to achieve the best possible results.”

What has changed compared to 2021?
“We have 7-8 players left but the soul of this group is the same. In addition to having great players, this group has great men inside, this is the aspect from which you start to achieve great results”.

It is said that you want to leave Napoli, can you explain your version?
“I haven’t spoken yet because the national team decides who speaks… A lot is being written, I could have even decided not to come but I’m calm. I spoke with the club at the end of the championship, we spoke, but now the concentration is maximum about this competition. What bothers me is this assumption, what interests me is doing well here with the national team.”

Are you able to be calm and focused only on the European Championship?
“I am very serene. Someone said that I am sad, silent, but this is bullshit. These are untrue things and then people want to spread untrue things, I am very serene and ready to face this European Championship with Italy. Then when the time comes to talk about Napoli I will, I won’t hold back, now the most important thing is to stay focused on the European Championship.”

Spalletti hasn’t resolved his reservations about the form and you’re all in the balance, is that correct?
“I think it’s also right, the coach is trying many solutions. It’s a group made up of 26 players and then the coach will choose the most suitable formation.”

You are seventh in terms of number of appearances among those called up: are there any of the new players who have surprised you?
“I already knew Scamacca, he is a very strong player but this year he has found consistency and will give us a great hand. Calafiori made a good impression on me in these first days of training camp, confirming the championship played in Bologna. I could say him” .

Are you more comfortable with the four-man line?
“These are choices that the coach will make, now the schemes are useful up to a certain point. Talking about numbers is limiting, we are 26 high-level players and the positive thing is that many know how to play multiple roles. This is a united group, healthy, no one wants to prevail over the other and this is a beautiful thing, a good starting point.”

TMW – The last two seasons have been very different for you. How do we get back to the levels of two years ago?
“Football goes fast, you always have to demonstrate. This was a negative year for me, for the whole team, we weren’t able to confirm ourselves at that level. This is football, you don’t always get what you want, my The objective is to do well here to erase my last period at the club and to return to my level.”

Conte has great respect for you, what effect does that have on you?
“I can only be happy with what he said, he is a great coach and being respected by him and by great coaches is nice, it means that what I have done has been appreciated.”

Do you think Spalletti has changed compared to Napoli?
“He’s always the same, he’s a worker and he loves being on the pitch and making the players understand his idea. Here maybe the time is less, there are longer sessions and a few more videos, but it’s all according to his standards. I don’t see the coach changed or motivated because it’s a great opportunity for him and for all of us.”

Regardless of the decision, is your decision about the future final?
I spoke with the club at the end of the season and then I came to the national team. When the time comes to talk about Napoli I will talk about Napoli, but now my head is here, I want to have a great European Championship.”

What is the biggest difference with 2021?
“The last training camp we were almost always in Coverciano, but here we experienced training among lots of fans and it was a great feeling, it makes you understand how many Italians there are around the world and how much they care about the national team. For us it’s just one more reason to give our best.”

1.57pm – Press conference concluded