Catanzaro, collaboration relationship with director Diego Foresti concluded


L’US Catanzaro 1929 officially announces the conclusion of the collaboration relationship with the general director Diego Foresti.

President Floriano Noto would like to personally express his gratitude and esteem for the CEO: “I want to thank him – he declared – for the professionalism and competence he demonstrated during his four-year assignment. His dedication and commitment have contributed significantly to the growth and success of our company. Diego has always worked with great passion and a spirit of sacrifice, putting the good of US Catanzaro first and, I can say, becoming a true fan of our team. On behalf of all the corporate components – he added – we want to express our most sincere thanks for the dedication shown and for the precious contribution that he gave during his stay at our side”.

US Catanzaro 1929 wishes Diego Foresti the best for the future, with the certainty that he will be able to successfully face the new challenges that await him.