Buffon: “In this group there are 4-5-6 players who are the best in the world”

Speaking alongside Giovanni Di Lorenzo, the head of the Italian delegation Gigi Buffon he analyzed the potential of the Italian team in the press conference: “In my opinion this is a national team that is probably underestimated, but it is a very competitive team first and foremost due to the human depth of the guys that make it up. This is the thing that surprised me the most and I was even more pleased to perceive a sense of belonging to this shirt. And then their attitude: with humility and a spirit of service they are available to every guideline that the coach and the Federation gives them.

Having said that, there are 4-5-6 elements that are the top in the world. In addition to the group, we also have the right individuals to play a good competition.”

Are you going to Duisburg? What do you think about goalkeepers?
“No, we leave it among the memories because many times the memory is much more beautiful than reality. I believe Donnarumma is a very strong point of our national team, a strong point: against Bosnia he made an exceptional save, with a difficulty quotient 9.9 periodic. This gives us further security because you know you have a bulwark behind you even when you are in difficulty. Vicario is a very reliable goalkeeper, he is going through an exceptional period and his experience in the Premier League has made him take a further step “It’s Meret who isn’t the latest arrival: as far as goalkeepers are concerned, Italy once again has a wealth of talent at its disposal the likes of which we haven’t seen for many years.”