Bernardeschi: “Italy gives positive sensations. The decisive man could be Frattesi”

To the microphones of Sky Sports, Federico Bernardeschi spoke about Luciano Spalletti’s Italy ahead of the start of the European Championship in Germany, with the Azzurri playing against Albania on Saturday: “Positive impressions, I saw that there was a great welcome. The national team deserves it. Before such an important competition there is always the right adrenaline, there are things that make you feel alive…”.

What do you feel at certain moments?
“It’s the dream of every child who starts playing football… Winning with your national team, winning for your country. Then winning with that shirt is special, because you know that behind you there are millions of people who maybe they are also going through difficult times. Being able to give them such great joy must be an honor, which is why the responsibility is so great and it can become an added value.”

How is the Italian support experienced outside Italy?
“I, who am outside of Italy, feel this very strongly about the many people who support the national team. From abroad you really realize the importance of the blue shirt. They are and feel Italian even if they have been away for many years. See 5 thousand people at training yesterday must have pleased the boys”

Who could be the Bernardeschi of this group?
“I’m a bit imaginative… I think Frattesi can have that role, can give something more. He’s had an important year and has different characteristics from everyone else.”

What will Italy need to compete?
“It’s important that the coach has all the ammunition at his disposal. When you undertake a competition like this, it’s important to create cohesion, create the group. That’s what allowed us to win. We weren’t the strongest team, but we were definitely the best group.”

Buffon says Italy is underrated?
“I agree, but very few times have we started as favorites and I think this gives us an advantage, because it brings out the pride, the cockiness that makes the difference.”

How did you see Calafiori?
“He deserves to be in the group for the European Championship. He has grown a lot, he has given a lot, he has shown great qualities but I think he still has potential for growth. On his side he has Bastoni who is not the latest arrival, but in these competitions it is important to have 22-24 starters ready, so that the balance of the team does not change. Often the decisive men are those who take over, not those who start.

Carrarese has achieved a historic promotion to Serie B…
“I’m very happy for my city… I saw videos, photos, I followed everything even if I was many hours away. Carrara deserves it, it’s a wonderful city and now I hope they do the work on the stadium. I hope that this promotion highlights this wonderful city. I am happy for the players and for the city in general.”

What is it like to live in Toronto?
“It’s going well… Now we’re doing very well in the championship, the season is long and we’ll see how it goes, but I’m positive because we’re making a good journey.”