B. Conti: “Pellegrini has grown a lot, he deserves to enjoy the European Championship. Frattesi? A force of nature”

Bruno Contihistoric former winger and manager of Romehe showered his notebooks with praise The messenger three footballers he had in Trigoria, starting from Lorenzo Pellegrinicurrent Giallorossi captain: “He has grown a lot in recent years, he is more responsible, he wears the Roma captain’s armband with passion and now also the 10 in the national team. He has been one of the strong points in the various youth sector teams and now he is a key player in De Rossi’s Roma. He deserves to enjoy this European Championship, given that he had to miss the previous one due to injury. So it’s the right opportunity for Lorenzo.”

What kind of player is Frattesi? At Inter he played a great championship.
“A force of nature, he also came to us at a very young age. He is a complete midfielder: running, ability to get in, he scores goals.”

The entire Rome environment has one regret for Calafiori.
“Riccardo was unlucky with us. He was, and is, a wonderful talent. Head held high, physical strength, intelligence. It’s a shame that bad injury he suffered a few years ago, when he was still a boy. Roma have made their choices, he now comes from a fantastic season with Bologna and I can only be happy for him. I hope he makes his way to the Azzurri too.”