Anellucci: “Lazio, I see big confusion. What basis do the Barons have?”

People Claudio Anellucci to TMW Radioduring Maracana, spoke about the issues of the day. And in particular of the events at Lazio after the arrival of Marco Baroni: “We will miss Luis Alberto, now we will see who arrives. The start is not exciting. The protest? Baroni has nothing to do with it.

Offers for the company? If we think that Milan was sold for 1.2 billion with debts and is one of the most successful in Europe and in the world…I’m worried that there isn’t a plan. Barons, what basis does it have? He has a locker room that has blown out two coaches in two months and a president who says it will continue like this. I see big confusion. You want to immediately go and get a center forward but you are lacking in all areas. Many expected another name in place of Baroni, but beyond this, what project did you start from? It’s right to start again with young people, it’s okay, but it must be said.”