Albania, Ramadani: “We had a great group, we hope to repeat ourselves at the European Championship”

Ylber RamadaniLecce midfielder, spoke to the microphones of Sky directly from Albania’s withdrawal.

“In Italy there are many Albanians, we are happy to represent our fans at the European Championship. Italy? We always take to the pitch to win. Mister Sylvinho has created a great group, we are very united. We have made a fantastic group, we hope to repeat ourselves at the European Championship”.

Challenge Italy on quality in the middle of the pitch?
“We know Italy’s players very well, we have to do everything to get the result we want.”

Better not talk, otherwise the director will call me! (Laughs, ed.) I’m focused on the European Championship, we’ll see at the end of the competition”

Has Broja ever asked you for advice on Italy?
“No, we are just focused on the European Championship. He is a strong player who can play in every team in the world, he has devastating potential.”