The president’s prediction. Albanian Football Federation: “We first, Italy second, Spain third”

Will Albania start again from Sylvinho? At the moment there is no news on a possible renewal of the technical commissioner. It is the president of the Albanian Football Federation who shed light on the matter Armand Duka who wanted to take stock of the situation regarding the coach on the official channels. The comparison with Spain was presented to the number one of the football federation who effectively announced the renewal of Luis De La Fuente, technical commissioner of the Red Furies.

“We are focused on the European Championship – Duka cut short -. I haven’t heard this news about De La Fuente. We expressed our desire regarding Sylvinho in time. Now he should be the one to express his desire to us. The agreement is bilateral and not unilateral.

A prize in case of passing the turn? We are one of the Federations that have donated more bonds than others. We will do the same in Europe, if we have positive results. What motivates the players is the shirt and the flag”. The president of the Albanian Football Federation finally focused on a prediction, or rather a hope, of how the group will end: “Albania first, Italy second, Spain third”. Albania will start the next European Championship from Dortmund where on Saturday evening they will face the Italian national team coached by Luciano Spalletti.