Spain, Yamal at his first European Championship: “Pressure? No, motivation to show my qualities”

“I was in a shopping center watching Euro 2021 with my friends and now I’m here playing it.” There is so much emotion in the words of Yamal laminae. At the age of 17, the Barcelona baby striker will face his first international competition with the senior national team. Joy and a great desire to shine for the talent launched by Xavi with the Blaugrana shirt. The attacker thus recounted his sensations to the notebooks of Sports World:

“Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo or Mbappé at my age? I don’t think about it much because they were other times too – continued the boy -. I try above all to concentrate on the present which is the European Championships and I concentrate on the matches. The comparison with these legends? I am comparisons that people make, but I try to be myself, play my game and be recognized for myself, to be Lamine.

The Champions League and the European Championship are two tournaments in which you show what you are on an international level, where everyone sees you. Instead of pressure it should be something to be motivated and show what I am. Personal and team goals? Enjoy – concluded Yamal -. Because it’s the best time. So I will enjoy my first European Championship.”