Pellegatti: “Good morning? It could be the Nesta of the third millennium, I would spend the money”

That of Alexander Good morning is one of the hot names on the summer market. With his performances at Turin he earned Spalletti’s call for the European Championships in Germany, as well as the interest of several clubs (the Naples above all, with Conte doting on him, but also the Milan and other Italian and foreign companies).

He spoke about the Granata centre-back Carlo Pellegattiin an interview with TV Play: “For Buongiorno I believe that Torino wants at least 35-40 million on paper, and secondly in terms of impact he could be seen as the Nesta of the third millennium. Not in terms of quality, he has yet to prove it, but he is a young, Italian defender with a good face. I would spend the money on Buongiorno immediately.”