Parma, Pecchia: “Our talents? I hope they don’t go away, Serie A is a step in growth”

Fabio PecchiaParma coach promoted to Serie A, during a long interview granted to Corriere dello Sportalso spoke about the Ducali market for the top series:

Circati, Bernabé, Benedyczak, Mihaila, Bonny, Man. Aren’t you afraid that someone will take them away from you?
“It’s logical that they are attractive. I hope they don’t go away, Serie A in Parma will be a further step in growth.”

We talk about Valeri, Tessman and Pinamonti. What reinforcements do you expect?
“We will think based on characteristics rather than roles. We lack a bit of physicality, therefore a header who can play central or full-back and we will also do something in the middle of the pitch. The team will be strengthened with criteria, but now it is better to let people work However, we will not change the squad.”