Inter, the Milan Prosecutor’s Office opens an investigation after the complaint from the Jdentità Bianconera Foundation

The Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office has opened a fact-finding fileat the moment without suspects or hypotheses of crime, starting from the complaint, presented by the “Jdentità Bianconera Foundation“, which disputes, through some lawyers, alleged irregularities in relation to Inter’s registration in the last championship and, in particular, relating to “business continuity”, hypothesizing bankruptcy crimes. The complaint arrived on the table of the Milanese investigators on Friday last and the prosecutor Marcello Viola assigned the exploratory file, according to “model 45”, to prosecutors Roberta Amadeo, Pasquale Addesso and Giovanni Polizzi.

“Jdentità Bianconera” is an association founded in summer 2023 to “protect and defend the image and honorability of Juventus fans” and has also filed the same complaint with Covisoc, the FIGC supervisory commission, in recent weeks.

In essence, the complaint asks the Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office to evaluate whether the conditions provided for by Article 38 of the Business Crisis Code exist, i.e. to present an appeal to the Bankruptcy Court for the opening of “judicial liquidation”, i.e. the old bankruptcy petition, verifying profiles of a state of insolvency of the club and consequently bankruptcy hypotheses.

In the complaint, also filed with Covisoc, the lawyers of the supporters’ association also contested, in particular, the existence of the minimum requirements for the registration of the Nerazzurri club in the championship, including “the provision” of “guarantees to support of the so-called business continuity”.