Gudmundsson: “I would really like to play with Koopmeiners again. He can come to Genoa”

Albert Gudmundssonattacking midfielder of Genoagave an interview to Changing Room Chroniclesdealing with different topics, including that relating to the facilities in which he played in Italy: “The hottest? Our home stadium is the best in Italy”.

If he was certain of reaching a high level like he reached in football, would he want to reach it in this sport or in the NBA?
“NBA is a high level… No, I like soccer too much, so I say soccer.”

Would you like to play with Koopmeiners again?
“Yes, I would like it very much. Maybe he can come to Genoa, he is a good friend.”

Why does he always play with his socks down?
“I never played with my socks down, but since I’ve been in Italy… In a pre-season match it was very hot, I was trying to be comfortable and feel cooler, so I tried to lower my socks. I think I scored , so I decided to keep them lowered forever (laughs, ed.)”.

What advice did Gilardino give you?
“Always be concrete in front of the goal.”

If I tell you Ukraine-Iceland what comes to mind?
“The defeat is still in my body because we were so close to going to the European Championship… I’m proud of the team, especially when I think about where we come from, already being in the playoff final… We hope to put this into a process of growth and go to the next European Championship”.