Catania, Faggiano continues to test the market: Capomaggio is liked

New market target for Catania? As reported by The Corriere dello SportDaniel Faggianosporting director of the Sicilian club, has identified the Argentine midfielder Galo Capomaggio a possible reinforcement. After two seasons, Capomaggio could leave Audace Cerignola for a new adventure, this time in Sicily.

Catania closing for Toscano
It was well known that Cesena and Domenico Toscano would not move forward together, as was the fact that the coach was stalling to evaluate the options that had already arrived. Padova was in the window but with a budget not congruent with the requests (Matteo Andreoletti was therefore chosen), Vicenza was awaiting the outcome of the playoffs, which were not lucky but which should not jeopardize the permanence of Mr. Stefano Vecchi, while Catania had immediately attempted a lunge, offering the trainer a two-year contract with an option of 130 thousand euros per season.

Detail, the one linked to the contractual formula, which was still to be defined, although there was still a general agreement, as we had already anticipated. And the solution has been found: as gathered by the editorial staff of, Domenico Toscano will sign a three-year contract with Catania. Today could already be the decisive day.

Which suggests that an agreement has also been reached with Cesena, who, as we reported, have opted for Roberto D’Aversa, who will sign a one-year deal with an option.