Carboni: “Benevento and Vicenza could have done something more in any case”

TMW Radio

Intervened on the frequencies of TMW Radio during the “All C” program, Guido Carboni he spoke about the playoff decisions: “I would focus more on the year, because the playoffs are a lottery. Avellino, for example, struggled to find their form, but it must be said that for those who finish second there are too many days away between matches, the formula needs to be reviewed. Even teams like Benevento and Vicenza could have done something more.”

What were Carrarese’s strong points this season?
“He deserved to win against a Vicenza team that didn’t have many players available. However, applause goes to all the staff, who composed a solid team in all departments. He has a strong squad in all departments, he made his opponents play badly. It was a surprise overall, but it’s not the first time it’s happened in recent years. However, the playoff formula should be revised to make the championship more worthy.”

Have you identified a growth of young people in Serie C?
“There are many young players in Serie C. Many can also make Serie B, because the quality has improved. Then there was the growth of the U23s, because it’s one thing to play in Serie C, another in the Primavera. There are companies that are working well, even making important investments. However, I don’t agree with the forced playing time of young players, because those who are strong in the end play anyway. This year I saw Group B in particular, the level was very high.”

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