Campobasso, everything done for the arrival of Braglia on the bench. The announcement in July

The Campobasso the 2023-24 Serie D season will still have to end, but the certainty of promotion to C has now been achieved: in any case, it’s a countdown, because the Molise team will play on Sunday 16 June at 6pm, on the neutral ground of ‘ Zecchini’ of Grosseto, will face Trapani in the final of the Serie D Puole Scudetto, which will elect the absolute queen among the nine teams promoted to the third series. Category for which the club is already working, and for which it has already chosen the coach.

We’ve been talking about it for a long time mister Piero Braglia nearing the finish line, and now the negotiation seems concluded. As he reports Sky Sports there is a general agreement between the parties, with the coach already armored even if there is not yet the so-called black and white; but the signing seems to be just a formality, with the official announcement arriving only on July 1st.

We remind you that the Tuscan coach has just returned from two years on the bench of Gubbio, a club from which he resigned last May 9th, raising – during a press conference – the problem linked to the structural and systems deficiencies which did not allow the team to train the way the trainer would have wanted.