Barcelona is fiddling, Sergi Roberto isn’t up for it: a distant renewal and offers on the table

At the moment, the permanence of Sergi Roberto at Barcelona it seems almost impossible. Sources close to the captain blaugranaguarantees Brand, they assure that the sale will take place at 90%. although it is not 100% ruled out. The Spanish central defender’s contract with the Catalan club expires on June 30th and, as we read in the Spanish newspaper, he is already in negotiations with other teams.

Barcelona stalls. For too many months he has been waiting for an agreement with Barça, who are asking the player to be patient until August. Too much for the 32-year-old player, who would also be willing to renew his marriage with Joan Laporta’s club at reduced prices in terms of salary, but all this waiting required by the club could break the bank.

The captain of the Culé, who joined Barcelona in 2006, already extended his contract last season, albeit for a year. Yet a clause has been included in the new contract which, we read, is being renegotiated. Meanwhile, the Spanish club is struggling with counting the money that it will have available this summer for new additions. The Sergi Roberto issue, however, does not seem to have priority.