Venezia-Cremonese 1-0, the report cards. Gytkjaer makes history. Coda-Vazquez disappoint

Final result: Venezia-Cremonese 1-0

Joronen 7 – A ‘thriller’ save at the end of the first half. A good deflection at the start of the second.

Idzes 7 – He presides over his area. With order. Player to watch.

Svoboda 7.5 – A couple of notable offensive sorties. Giant never tamed. And with good qualities too.

Sverko 6.5 – He doesn’t give up a ball. He may not be the most accurate defender in the world, but without a doubt he is effective. From the 80’s Altare sv

Candle 7 – Careful performance. Careful. He makes very few mistakes. From 80′ Dembele sv

Busio 7.5 – Get into the game right away. He recovers at least a couple of good balls in the first half alone. Gytkjaer’s advantage is also needed. Man everywhere for Vanoli. He is out due to injury. From 60′ Lella 7 – Manages spaces well.

Tessmann 7.5 – Thinking brain of the lagoon people. He seems to have little influence on the plot of the match, but when his teammates need something he is always there.

Bjarkason 7 – First half not exactly excellent. In the second half he severely challenges Saro with a nice running header. From 80′ Andersen sv.

Zampano 7.5 – Constant presence on the wing, both forward and in coverage. Soul and lungs of Vanoli’s team.

Pohjanpalo 8 – The fight for every ball comes from the attacking midfield forward. With Gytkjaer’s exit it’s his turn to become the team’s primary offensive reference. Leader on and off the pitch. Always. Vote for the season.

Gytkjaer 8 – First good ball into the area and it’s a goal straight away. From 56′ Pierini 7 – Shorter than the former Monza, he paces the game. He runs without ever stopping.

Paolo Vanoli 8 – The appointment is an important one and tension is normal. Perhaps, however, for the first few minutes of the match his players find it too difficult to propose game plots. Gytkjaer’s goal changes everything, eases tensions and gives the lagoon players the keys to the match even more. If it will be goodbye to Venice and Venice, this is a proper farewell. Coach very ready for Serie A.

Saro 6 – He can’t do anything more about Gytkjaer’s goal than what he proposes. In the 61st minute he saves on Bjarkason.

Antov 6 – Good performance, with a couple of sorties too. From 86′ Ciofani sv

Radishes 6 – Careful performance. They suffer like all their comrades.

Whitebait 6.5 – See Ravanelli, with the addition of two offensive opportunities that scared Penzo quite a bit.

Zanimacchia 5 – First half in which we see the right thing. In the second half a good foray ended badly. From 72′ Falletti –

Pickel 5 – Confusing. He doesn’t have the impact he has shown he can do in the past. Sometimes he thinks more about making his opponents nervous than actually playing.

Chestnuts 6 – He manages his team’s playing times. Calm as usual. He is a specialist in promotions, but this time he fails in yet another masterpiece. He remains a decisive player for the category.

Vazquez 4.5 – More advanced than the other grey-red midfielders. He is rarely seen and since the team goes under him he gets nervous. Strange for someone of his experience. From 46′ Tail 4.5 – He comes in but is never seen. At Cremo he would have served like hell. We would have to understand why he didn’t start from the beginning.

Sernicola 5 – In the first half he comes in three times from the left to kick with his right. He never finds the door. From 86′ Quagliata sv

Goodhelp 5 – He moves across the entire offensive front, avoiding giving references. The problem is that he doesn’t even give any to his teammates. From 46′ Collocolo 5.5 – He does what he can in the second half with little play and a lot of competitive spirit.

Tsadjout 6.5 – He takes the first shot of the match and then gets lost a bit in finding the best position to hurt. In the second half a nice swing at the start to keep Joronen warm. The former AC Milan talent plays his game. Very honest.

Giovanni Stroppa 5 – His team starts off better. More serene than the lagoon ones. The goal changes everything and with a Venezia team that even a draw can suffice, the Grigiorossi play the competitive card. In attack, however, the strikers don’t hurt (Coda on the pitch in the 46th minute? Dunno…). And as the minutes passed, Venezia acquired more and more strength and conviction.