Riccardo Sottil, many ups and downs. Fiorentina continues to believe in him, now it’s his turn

Since youth, many professionals have always maintained that Riccardo Sottil he was predestined, someone with enormous potential who would make his way. After making his debut in Serie A at 19 with the Florentinehe was loaned to Serie B at Pescara with the aim of finding continuity and at least giving a glimpse of those qualities that everyone talks about with the greats. Here the first problems arise because at the end of the season there were only 12 appearances, seasoned with one goal and two assists, a bit little for someone labeled as a prospective footballer.

There Florentine but he doesn’t look at the numbers and decides to keep him in 2019-2020. Those expecting a revival were disappointed: 609 minutes in total, 21 appearances and only one assist. He needs another experience away from “home”, a last chance before ending up in the dust of the eternal unfinished at just 20 years old. Cagliari objectively he regenerates him and, beyond the physical problems, he is used 24 times, in which he scores 4 goals and provides 2 assists, which are enough for the Viola to give him further confidence.

The class of ’99 continues through its ups and downs: 4 goals in 2021-2022, 1 in 2022-2023, 5 in 2023-2024. The sensation, however, is always that of a player capable of skipping over man with extreme ease, of creating numerical superiority easily, but who lacks the last step to become decisive. To make a difference you need concreteness, precision and not making wrong choices in the final metres. If he manages to improve in these fundamentals, especially the last one, he will certainly be able to aspire to more important stages. Riccardo Sottil turns 25 today.