Potenza, Guaita: “Whoever puts forth their heart, soul and determination will be appreciated in the end”

The former rossoblu striker Leandro Guaitainterviewed by Tuttopotenza.comspoke on the occasion of the ‘Galà del Calcio Lucano’ about his relationship with the rossoblu: “I feel like I’m from Potenza in all respects and it makes me laugh when I hear about the pressures inherent to football and footballers. I arrived in Potenza in one of the club’s worst moments but I also experienced one of the best periods of the team and the club in recent years, I know what it means to play with this shirt on.

If someone puts their heart, soul and determination into the field, in the end they will never be held accountable for anything. The Potenza crowd is wonderful and understands you and I now live in the city with my loved ones because something very beautiful has been created and I will always thank Potenza for what it gave me and how it treated my family.”