Drogba’s message to Venezia: “Congratulations on Serie A, now keep pushing”

The Venice tonight he had one more exceptional fan. In fact, the former striker was also there to cheer for the orange-greens’ promotion to Serie A against Cremonese. Didier Drogba, complete with a team t-shirt. In recent weeks, in fact, the Veneto club had formalized a partnership with Team Drogba, a foundation founded by the former Chelsea player and very active in the field of environmental sustainability of entertainment. An agreement which also sees the co-presence of the UIM E1 World Championship, the first electric motorboat racing series in the world.

And tonight after the promotion the former footballer wanted to send a thought to the club: “Hello everyone, I want to show you my support and congratulate you on the promotion to Serie A. Now you have to keep pushing.” And then in Italian: “Come on, all together Venice”. The club comments: “Proud to have the support of such a football legend.”