Vicenza, Vecchi on Delle Monache: “He’s an individualist? It’s not a problem”

Stephen Oldcoach of Vicenzaspoke at a press conference ahead of tonight’s match againstAvellino valid for the Serie C play-off semi-finals. Among the various topics discussed, Vecchi also spoke about Marco Of the Nunsstriker on loan to the Venetians from Sampdoria. These are his statements, reported by the official website of the red and white club: “Delle Monache is an individualist? It’s absolutely not a problem. We know he’s good at one on one, we put him there to create problems for Avellino and in the first half he had them created”.

“In terms of effectiveness in the last pass or in the conclusion he could have done a little better, but in some situations he went so fast, he jumped the man quickly and we arrived with few men in the area. It’s a bit of the team’s predisposition, where we had the handbrake on a bit, while he played an excellent match. We wanted to create the conditions to score goals and put them in difficulty and he did it in that position. Then his teammates also have to put themselves in a position in moving in the penalty area. The feeling was that we could put them in difficulty. Delle Monache’s favorable percentages in one-on-one situations are very high. Tomorrow, however, we must be better at occupying their half of the pitch and the penalty area “.