Venice, Pohjanpalo: “In Serie A there will be stronger defenders, but I will still manage to score”

The Venezia bomber Joel Pohjanpalo spoke to the microphones of Sky after the second leg of the Serie B playoff final won 1-0 against Cremonese, thus achieving the return to Serie A: “Two years ago when I came I was looking for an ambitious club. Last year we came close to promotion and again this year in the regular season. In the playoffs we played a great offensive game in the final and defensively after the goal.”

Now are you really the blond doge?
“A gift that the fans gave me, an exciting thing to have them all around.”

On Vanoli?
“The results speak for him. There were also difficult moments, but we did well to overcome them.”

Now in A what is the objective?
“We will have to raise the level, there will be stronger defenders and it will be more complicated to score. The objective is to maintain the category and I will be able to score some goals.”