Venice, Altare: “Spectacular season. Two promotions out of two? It’s my Bergamo DNA”

The defender of Venezia George Altar spoke to the microphones of Sky after the second leg of the Serie B playoff final won 1-0 against Cremonese, thus achieving the return to Serie A.

Do you look around and say?
“Marvelous. We had a spectacular season, even tonight we gave our soul. In the difficulties we managed to get out of it. The fans were the twelfth man and they proved it tonight too.”

After Spezia, did you have any doubts?
“We have reunited. We knew we had the potential to face any opponent and it showed.”

Second promotion after the one with Cagliari.
“Two things that will stay with me forever. It’s not easy twice out of two, but it’s my Bergamasco DNA.”