Venezia-Cremonese, Serie A and many millions are up for grabs: how much is the promotion worth

Glory is up for grabs, but not just that. This evening at the Luigi Penzo stadium, Venice And Cremonese they will compete in the second leg of the Serie B playoffs. We start again from the 0-0 draw at Zini in the first leg, the lagoon players have the advantage because, in the event of a draw, they would be promoted by virtue of their best placing in the regular season. At stake is the last place available in the next Serie A championship. Glory, in fact. But also a lot of money.

How much is the promotion worth? Colleagues give an answer to the question Football&Finance, who estimated the minimum revenues, starting from the Melandri law and the distribution of TV rights, derive from participation in the top Italian championship. Considering the part distributed equally between the clubs and the minimum quotas referring to the other rankings, participation in Serie A is worth at least 26 million euros. All without forgetting the parachute in case of relegation at the end of the 2024/2025 season. They range from a minimum of 10 million euros for a newly promoted player up to a maximum of 25 million euros for those – which would not be the case for either of them – who have played in Serie A for three seasons, even non-consecutive ones in the last four.