Today on TV, where you can watch the last match of Serie A and the playoffs of Serie B and C

The last match of the Serie A championship is played, the recovery between Atalanta and Fiorentina: kick-off at 6.00pm on DAZN. The decisive challenge to know who will go to Serie A between Venezia and Cremonese takes place in Serie B. Serie C is also on the field with the return semi-finals of the Playoffs: Vicenza-Avellino and Benevento-Carrarese.

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18.00 Atalanta-Fiorentina (Serie A) – DAZN, DAZN ZONE
7.30pm Denmark-Italy (Under 17 European Championship) – RAIPLAY
8.30pm Venezia-Cremonese (Series B playoff second leg final) – DAZN, SKY SPORT ONE, SKY SPORT 4K, SKY SPORT
9.00pm Vicenza-Avellino (Semifinal playoffs of Serie C) – RAI SPORT, SKY SPORTS
9.00pm Benevento-Carrarese (Semifinal playoff semi-final) – SKY SPORT FOOTBALL, SKY SPORTS

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