Serie C playoffs, the official lineups of Vicenza-Avellino: Ferrari out for the home team

The official lineups have been announced Vicenza-Avellino, second act of the Serie C Playoff semi-final. Ferrari is missing from the hosts’ ranks, although present on the bench: in the 3-4-1-2 chosen by Stefano Vecchi, there will be Sandon in defense with Cuomo and Golemic supporting the goalkeeper Confente, while De Col and Costa will act on the flanks with Ronaldo and Greco in the middle of the pitch. Proia will be the attacking midfielder behind Della Morte and Pellegrini.

Among the visiting ranks, however, Michele Pazienza relies on the usual 3-5-2. In defense there is space for Cancellotti together with Rigione and Frascatore (Ghidotti is between the posts), Sgarbi will move on the right lane with Liotti on the opposite side while Palmiero will be flanked by Armellino and D’Ausilio as director. The Gori-Patierno pair in attack.

VICENZA (3-4-1-2): Confente; Cuomo, Golemic, Sandon; De Col, Ronaldo, Greco, Costa; Proia; Of Death, Pellegrini. Available: Gallo, Massolo, Fantoni, Laezza, Lattanzio, Mogentale, Rossi, Talarico, Busato, Conzato, Delle Monache, Ferrari. Coach: Stefano Vecchi

AVELLINO (3-5-2): Ghidotti; Cancellotti, Rigione, Frascatore; Sgarbi, Armellino, Palmiero, D’Ausilio, Liotti; Gori, Patierno. Available: Pane, Pizzella, Ricciardi, Tito, Llano, Mulè, Cionek, Pezzella, De Cristofaro, Rocca, Dall’Oglio, Lores Varela, Russo, Marconi. Coach: Michele Pazienza

REFEREE: Valerio Crezzini of Siena (Pressato-Monaco. IV: Knight). VAR: Marco Serra of Turin. AVAR: Oreste Muto of Torre Annunziata