Retegui reveals: “I was close to Atletico Madrid, Genoa was also the right choice for the national team”

No Inter, but a background on the courtship of a Spanish girl. As Mateo Retegui he told himself in an interview with the Spanish newspaper ASstarting from the particular transfer anecdote that could have undermined his arrival in Italy: “I was close to Atlético Madrid. I can’t tell you in detail what happened. I usually try not to listen to rumours. I didn’t speak with Cholo Simeone, but we had a meeting with the club. Today the only thing I can say is that I am very happy in Genoa.”

There is therefore no reference to the transfer rumors that just last year showed the Nerazzurri management being very interested in the Italian-Argentine striker. The same one who then went on to recall the presentation with Genoa: “Mister Gilardino called me, I spoke with people from the club and I felt that coming here also gave me a better chance of being called up for Italy, which is what I want more. It was an absolutely right decision: the team does things very well, it’s like a family, there is synergy with the management, with the fans, the stadium is very warm. Everything works perfectly: every day I arrive and I leave with a smile.”

The comment on the next European Championship 2024: “The group is very tough but Italy is a very strong team and is the reigning champion. We have to defend the title. I want to experience a great European Championship. We are calm, with confidence. Spain will be a difficult rival , he plays beautiful football and also has a talent like Rodri, I love his class and quality.”