Naples, Conte’s days begin: De Laurentiis is leaving Ibiza

The days that will bring begin Antonio Conte driving the Naples. As reported by colleagues at FootballNapoli24the blue president Aurelio De Laurentiis he is leaving right now from Ibiza, where he spent almost all of last week.

De Laurentiis followed the negotiations with the former Juventus coach from the Balearic island, which were in turn conducted by another former Juventus player such as the new sporting director Giovanni Manna. Now, however, we move on to formal things.

Conte will sign a contract with Napoli until 2027, after a solution was found in recent days on all issues, from salary to image rights.

The day for the presentation should be Tuesday, although the announcement could come even earlier. In the last few hours, the San Carlo Theater had been hypothesized as a possible location, but there would appear to be logistical problems.