Lloris reveals: “In 2023 I was pushed aside by Postecoglou, I had become transparent”

Just two weeks before the start of the European Championships, on 14 June, Hugo Lloris he can’t wait to follow the competition like a normal fan. On the occasion of the publication of his autobiography, the 2018 world champion spoke to Le Parisien at the Los Angeles Football Club stadium, where he is enjoying the final phase of his career.

The French goalkeeper spent 11 years at Tottenham before moving to MLS in December last year, when the English club chose to replace him with Guglielmo Vicario as the new number one. But what really led Lloris to leave Spurs? “Tottenham was approaching the end of a cycle, and the same was true for me. I knew that Tottenham wanted to sign younger players, especially in my position. The summer was approaching and I was no longer part of the plan.

When the championship resumed – the 37-year-old goalkeeper revealed to the French newspaper -, in August 2023, the coach (Postecoglou, ed.) informed me that I would no longer be on the pitch, that I would only be a training player. I was put aside, I had become transparent.” Even the hip injury didn’t help the former cornerstone of the French national team, who recalled his period out of the team this way: “These eight months without playing were complicated . However, I wasn’t unhappy. I took the opportunity to spend more time with my family and it did me good.”