Kompany chooses the first reinforcement: Zinchenko spotted by Bayern Munich, the price set

A stellar market is expected from Bayern Monaco this summer. From the bitter disappointment of Bayer Leverkusen’s triumph in the Bundesliga to the final third place in the league behind Stuttgart, with elimination in the Champions League semi-finals at the hands of Real Madrid. The German company is waiting at the gate and will have to give an important jolt to reposition itself on the winning tracks.

The first step was the hiring of the new coach, Vincent Kompany, former Burnley player in place of Thomas Tuchel after 61 games at Bayern. Bold gesture considering the list of previous experiences of the 38-year-old Belgian manager, former Manchester City defender. In all of this, however, the management machine has never stopped and has already set its sights on the next objective market.

It’s about Oleksandr Zinchenkoleft back ofArsenalwho could become Vincent Kompany’s first signing as new manager according to reports from Mirror. To pull off the coup of the Ukrainian born in 1996, a minimum of 35 million pounds is needed. What is striking is the player’s position on the pitch, given that he could replace him Alphonso Daviesstill poised between the exit door and staying in Germany.