Juventus-Allegri, the next steps: we go to court, a settlement is not ruled out

Maybe it’s the worst way to say goodbye. The case Juventus-Allegri he will most likely be taken to court, as reiterated by today’s edition of Corriere dello Sport: the newspaper, in fact, analyzed all the steps that took place after the now famous outburst on the Olimpico lawn: the Juventus club challenged the Livorno coach for the attitude he had in the Italian Cup final won against Atalanta, reactions considered by Allegri himself “daughters of the excited moment, reaching the Champions League, the Club World Cup, the Italian Super Cup among many difficulties and also winning a trophy. Evidently it wasn’t enough”, we read in the newspaper.

So what will happen after the letter from the club? In recent days, Allegri has studied all the steps with his lawyer to implement the best possible strategy. The coach “had five days to respond and he took them all, rejecting the accusations on May 22. That response was kept in a drawer and, once all attempts to find a settlement agreement between the parties failed ( which could however continue in the next few days), was used to trigger the just cause”. The story will therefore end up in court, but other twists cannot be ruled out for a love story that ended badly.