Juve starts again from Locatelli and Fagioli, but Thiago Motta calls Rabiot

For Juventus the most important phase of the year has begun: strengthening the team in view of the 2024/2025 season. Yesterday, however, the Old Lady notified the letter of dismissal for just cause to Massimiliano Allegri. This follows the well-known events after the match of the Italian Cup final, which led to the dismissal measure. Allegri will present an appeal to the labor court and the labor judge, but sources close to the Livorno coach let it be known that Juventus cannot fire him for just cause, so this matter will end up in court.

Contact Thiago Motta-Rabiot to try to facilitate the renewal.
Thiago Motta is not yet officially the new Juventus coach, but he has already made an important move to try to unblock Adrien Rabiot’s contract renewal. In fact, the 1982 coach, in recent days, would have personally contacted the French midfielder to explain his importance in the new Juventus project. This move by Thiago Motta could be decisive in convincing Rabiot to extend his contract, interrupting the reflection period and leading to a final decision. Will the future Juventus coach have managed to get Rabiot’s yes? We will only know this answer in the next few days also because the feeling is that the player wants to start the European Championship already knowing his future, to avoid distractions.

Locatelli and Fagioli are the only two midfielders certain to remain in black and white.
Two key points of the new Juventus will certainly be Manuel Locatelli and Nicolò Fagioli. The Juventus number 5, however, comes from the great disappointment of not being called up to the national team and from 10 July, the date of the Old Lady’s meeting, he will want to demonstrate his value to Thiago Motta. Fagioli, on the other hand, after having put a very dark period behind him, has earned the trust of coach Spalletti, who praised his technical skills in the press conference: “Fagioli is first and foremost a technical choice, he has that quality, that creativity.. He lacks the body, the physical clash, but I called him to have more things available to help you manage the game, to try to find more things to have the ball for us.” Juventus will start again with Locatelli and Fagioli who will experience two different summers, but who will be at the center of the technical project and will want to revive a midfield, like the Juventus one, which has failed to make an impact for too many years.