Iuliano is sure: “With Conte as coach, Napoli will make the biggest purchase”

Mark Iuliano talks about Antonio Conte. The former Juventus defender spoke to today’s edition of The morning of the future Napoli coach: “Whoever signs Conte is making the right choice. Napoli will make the biggest purchase with him as coach. He is the ideal coach and would be for any team. I have known him all my life, I know what a person he is and what values ​​he has. I’ve seen him when he coaches: I know his methods and I’ve seen what he demands from himself even before the club and the players. What in particular are we talking about a coach who works 24 hours a day, who dedicates himself entirely to the team, with the sole objective of winning.

Getting along with De Laurentiis? Let’s move away from a cliché: if a coach has character it doesn’t mean that he necessarily has to argue with his president. Antonio wants a club that supports him and makes him feel what he is: an important coach in a very important place and in a very important club.

Antonio has always been a coach. There was never any doubt. In the motivational speeches in the locker room, in the help on the pitch. He was always there, in the heat of battle, with you. I never had any doubts that he would become an important coach.”