First the disqualification, now the injury. Johnsen’s ‘curse’ for the matches against Venezia

He had caused tremendous discussion, at the end of the transfer market, the transfer from Venezia to Cremonese of the Norwegian striker Dennis Johnsen, who signed a three-and-a-half-year contract with the Grigiorossi, not without then sending some digs at the lagoon players, guilty, according to the player’s version, of having sent him away by placing the blame on him; obviously the club’s version is different (“Ds Filippo Antonelli said that the club would not retain those who would only renew at very high prices), but not appreciated by coach Paolo Vanoli.

Who in no uncertain terms then declared: “We scored an own goal, it is incomprehensible to strengthen a direct competitor in Serie A, with a boy a year from his expiry date because he threw a tantrum. Do you know how many boys have made tantrums? Many, I had to resolve them.”

However, the season then ran its course, Venezia placed third and Cremonese fourth, and tonight – when the second leg final will be played (starting from a goalless draw in the first leg) – we will know which of the two will reach Parma and Como in Serie A. However, with the match against Venezia appearing to be a curse for Johnsen. In the championship match which pitted the two teams after the transfer window, the 1998-born player was disqualified for the first leg match – where he was a starter – in the pits due to a muscle strain. From which he seems to have not yet recovered: he is in fact not among those called up for this evening’s match. The redemption in grey-red is therefore postponed.