Fiorentina wins 3-2 on Atalanta and makes Juventus happy. Fear for Scalvini

Serie A has ended with a 2-3 victory for Fiorentina on Atalanta.

Six goals in the first half, four good ones. In a Gewiss Stadium still celebrating the Europa League won by Atalanta, the Serie A season officially ends with the recovery of the 29th matchday, the match not played due to the illness that would later lead to the death of Joe Barone. The match broke the deadlock immediately: Castrovilli’s kissed cross on the head of a Belotti left too alone and 0-1 on the scoreboard in the 6th minute. However, it wasn’t long before the Goddess equalised: it arrived already in the 11th minute and was signed by the man from moment. That Lookman who, after bringing the Europa League to Bergamo, beats the debuting Viola goalkeeper Martinelli with a soft touch to make it 1-1. This time too, however, the result did not remain the same for long: in the 19th minute Fiorentina overtook again, signed by Nico Gonzalez with a great left-footed volley. Less than a quarter of an hour and Atalanta takes the Viola back again, this time Scalvini takes care of it with a sharp right-footed shot from the edge of the area, Martinelli a little surprised. In the 44th minute it would have been 2-3 for Ranieri, but the defender started offside to head Gonzalez’s cross. A few moments of interruption at the end of the first half, then following corner developments Belotti scores a brace and makes it 2-3. With six goals scored, of which five were regular, the first half ends.

Fiorentina holds, fear for Scalvini. Neither of the two coaches put their hands on the bench when the game immediately restarted, less than ten minutes after the break the great ball for the 3-3 draw for Atalanta fell to the foot of Pasalic, who however hit the crossbar from the edge of the box. In the 57th minute there is a change between men-images in attack for Gasperini: Lookman out, Scamacca in to manage in anticipation of the European Championship. Atalanta doesn’t want to end an unforgettable season by losing at home and is pushing hard in search of new parity. Fiorentina, once they have gained the lead on the scoreboard, instead appreciate the idea of ​​trying to overcome the great disappointment of the Conference League final they lost with a noble victory to conclude their championship. The news of the restart, however, concerns an injury, the one Scalvini gets while chasing Ikone: the Atalanta center back collapses, with pain in his knee, and also keeps coach Spalletti in suspense for the European Championship in which he had been included among the pre-summit squad. The Goddess no longer reaches a draw, Fiorentina wins 3-2 at the Gewiss and makes Juventus happy, who thus finishes in 3rd place.

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