Fiorentina-Palladino can be closed in 48 hours. There is a yes from both parties: Lazio is the only “obstacle”


Fiorentina has identified Raffaele Palladino as the new coach to start from next season. The meeting held last Friday in Florence was positive and according to what was gathered by the editorial staff of TMW the yes came from both sides. The feeling is that the negotiation can be closed within the next 48 hours and the only obstacle, if we can call it that, is represented by Lazio, which must resolve the problem linked to Igor Tudor and which would focus on Palladino in the event of the farewell of the former defender.

Lotito’s words.
This morning the Biancoceleste boss closed the issue, at least apparently, by confirming the Croatian coach: “I don’t care what anyone says. They are all inventions artfully put around to create discord in our relationship. We are building a team together. new cycle, we know what to do and we’re working on it. Klose, what are we talking about?

Fiorentina-Palladino towards yes.
If everything were to be confirmed, Fiorentina and Palladino, who would be in the Biancocelesti’s sights in the event of a break with Tudor, would be ready to say yes definitively, with the coach who would then take the place of Vincenzo Italiano, ready to say goodbye after today’s match at the Gewiss Stadium against Atalanta.