Facchetti: “San Siro and ‘Maradona’ football theatres. Conte, right man for Napoli”

Interviewed by the Neapolitan edition of The Republic, Gianfelice Facchetti he spoke about a confession that his father Giacinto made to him: “He told me that, apart from Inter, he would only have wanted to play for Napoli. And I found this desire of his in an interview at the end of his career where they proposed other shirts to him, Sampdoria first and foremost and him instead he reiterated that, if he really had to leave the beloved Nerazzurri uniform, he would only have gone to Naples. But there is more behind this, a mix of events and feelings.

So, we are at the San Paolo in Naples, still not named after Maradona, in 1968, on the 5th of June and Italy and the USSR drew their semi-final goalless. To choose who will play in the European Championship final, we go to the draw. The famous coin. Giacinto chooses the lucky side”.

Finally, a comment on “Maradona” and San Siro: “There is a bit of the idea that on the subject of football the Municipalities must give away or deprive themselves of something that produces value because a team plays there. But an administration must rightly protect itself. The Napoli case is a bit like the San Siro issue. Is Maradona and San Siro the right man to rebuild after a disastrous season. To start winning again he is the ideal coach.”