Dortmund cries, but Bellingham makes it richer: Real’s victory triggers the bonuses

Money doesn’t bring happiness, but at least it soothes some wounds. He knows something about it Borussia Dortmund, who tonight would obviously beat Real Madrid and win the Champions League. Of the success of the Spaniards, and in particular of that of Jude BellinghamUltimately, the Germans also benefit at least in part.

Champions Bonus. The agreement for the English midfielder’s move from Dortmund to Real Madrid, which took place in the summer, includes bonuses linked to the results obtained on the pitch, both by the player and by the Spanish club. In recent weeks, some rumors have spread regarding the figures, 20-25 million euros. Even if it is not possible to define them fake newssince the exact amount has not been revealed, it should actually be less.

In addition to the 103 million euros paid by Real Madrid, Borussia Dortmund will in fact collect “the payment of variable transfer commissions up to a maximum total amount of about 30% of the amount of the fixed transfer fee. Such variable transfer fees depend on Real Madrid achieving certain sporting successes and/or sporting successes or performances of the player at Real Madrid over the next six years.” 30 percent of 103 million are 31 million euros, part of which will end up in the German club’s coffers this evening. Not all, however: according to the most accredited Spanish sources, in addition to Real’s triumphs, some prizes are linked to the inclusion of Bellingham, between now and 2030, in the Top 11 of the Champions League or in the ideal FIFA The Best formation or in the case of victory in the La Liga top scorers.