Di Canio vs Leao: “Have you seen Vinicius’ anger? He doesn’t think about making rap songs”

“Leao, now I’m saying, would need something different, because he has enormous potential and physically perhaps even has something more than Vinicius.” The assist from Fabio Capello it doesn’t remain uncultivated, on the contrary. After Real Madrid’s victory in the Champions League, also marked by a goal from the Brazilian Vinicius Jrthe former coach of Milan and Roma, among others, made a comparison between the playmaker of merengues And Rafael Leaolong overdue for the leap forward.

He thought about seizing the opportunity Paolo Di Canio: “Did you understand Vinicius’ mindset, hunger and anger? He’s talking about a group… Surely he will have his hobbies, he will have fun with his friends and play with the PlayStation like kids his age, but he doesn’t have the priority to hurry in training because he has to go and record 8-hour rap songs, because he thinks about this rather than playing. It’s not that I’m angry with anyone – continued Di Canio – but it’s a waste of energy regardless.”

This is not the first time that Di Canio, despite having subsequently clarified that he was making a general statement, has put Leao in his sights. In the past he had in fact criticized the Portuguese for the alleged lack of malice in his competitive life. As for rap, the Lusitanian from Milan released his first album in 2021 – entitled Beginning – while in 2024 he published his first book, Smile.