Catanzaro, Petriccione: “I thank my teammates, staff and club, we’ll see you again in July”

The Catanzaro midfielder Jacopo Petriccione he intervened through a post on social media to comment on the season: “I’m lucky, I have the privilege, after many years of sacrifices away from home, to do the best job in the world. Because, although everything may seem easy from the outside, the experience of each of us is different and exactly as hard as that of each other person. I do a job that allows me to meet special people. Children who see you as an example, who hug you, sometimes cry with joy when they see you and who I adore. Lots of people who transmit that passion for their colors to you, thus making you give your all for their favorite team, just like here in this city.

On the other hand, I have never hidden myself, I see this aspect as a responsibility. I really let my heart speak because as a professional I ALWAYS put it on when wearing any shirt. Never, however, would I have thought in just four months I would integrate into an environment so quickly and experience these new emotions. Today I owe the greatest and most beautiful thanks to all my teammates, to the technical staff, to the club (including those who work on the pitch with us every day). Last but not least, thanks to all of you who believed in me from the first minute I entered the field with these colors without any prejudice, cheering me on wherever you met me.

In all jobs in the world there are ups and downs. The magic that was created between everyone was such a great chain that allowed me to smile, to get up, to demonstrate to myself that this great love has always been the greatest strength for all the challenges I have found on my path . ‘If they tell you you’re finished, don’t believe it’. Thanks to everyone, see you in July, now I enjoy my family which is the best energy to give my best every day.”