Borussia, broken dream. Mourinho consoles Terzic: “You must be proud”

The final boss prevails. Edin Terzic he had defined the real Madrid in the days preceding tonight’s Champions League final, which his team lost Borussia Dortmund at Wembley for the goals conceded by Carvajal and Vinicius jr. A harsh sentence for BVB and its coach, in tears in the middle of the pitch due to the disappointment of the defeat in the most important step of the competition.

The best spot of the evening. Out of nowhere, she thought of consoling him Jose Mourinho, made official in the last few hours as the new manager of Fenerbahce and present at Wembley this evening for the CL final. The Special One in fact he approached the yellow and black coach to console him for the Champions League which he touched with his fingers with a long hug between the two and words exchanged in his ear.

Mourinho’s wordsrevealed to the microphones of TNT Sports: “I told him that it’s very, very hard. I told him that time won’t help you… but you must be very proud! For the rest of your careers, of your lives. Because you were fantastic. As a coach you couldn’t do moreover, the coach cannot score and throw the ball into the net. The coach can organize, he can give all this this team missed him.

But they were incredible,” he continued Mou -, brave. They really made a difference in what it means to press high and block a little bit lower. They made good coverage on Vinicius and Rodrygo, never missed a one-on-one, always with the right coverage. He did everything well, apart from scoring. The coach must be proud, but he will not forget.”