Bayern Munich changes their mind on Zirkzee. Dutch is a request from Kompany

The Bayern Monaco changes the summer of Joshua Zirkzee. According to what was reported by German sources, the Bavarian club would in fact be ready to change strategy regarding the Dutch center forward, fresh from an amazing season with the shirt of Bologna. In particular, Bayern would be ready to bring Zirkzee back to Germany, to join him with Harry Kane in an attack that is complicated to manage but potentially stellar.

The move would derive from a specific request from Vincent Kompani, new coach of the Munich team. The former defender has in fact already coached Zirkzee during his time at Anderlecht, appreciated his qualities and would like to work with him again.

If confirmed, this change of course would disarrange the plans of the various Serie A teams, Milan and Napoli above all, interested in Zirkzee and at that point forced to move on to other objectives. Bayern, which can guarantee the player a higher salary, is also clearly favored by the clause mechanism 40 million euros: it applies to everyone, yes, but the Germans would still get 40 percent of the resale. Which can also translate into savings in the outlay to Bologna.