Avellino, Mr. Pazienza’s squad for this evening’s match against Vicenza

Ahead of the match between Vicenza and Avellinovalid for the second leg of the Serie C playoff semi-finals Now, the Irpinia coach, Michele Patiencehas released the following list of players called up:

Goalkeepers: 1 Pane, 12 Pizzella, 22 Ghidotti;

Defenders: 2 Ricciardi, 3 Tito, 13 Mulè, 14 Cancellotti, 16 Rigione, 26 Cionek, 38 Frascatore, 60 Llano, 94 Liotti;

Midfielders: 6 Palmiero, 7 D’Ausilio, 8 Varela, 21 Armellino, 23 Dall’Oglio, 24 De Cristofaro, 33 Pezzella, 96 Rocca;

Forwards: 9 Patierno, 10 Russo, 11 Sgarbi, 31 Marconi, 35 Gori.

Patience on the eve
Michele Patiencecoach ofAvellino, spoke at a press conference on the eve of the match against Vicenza, second leg of the playoff semi-final. Many themes were touched upon, as reported by Tuttoavellino.it, starting with the staff he has at his disposal: “When you have a squad with players who adapt quickly to the strategies that a coach decides to adapt, it gives you advantages. Not only in playoffs, but throughout the season we were good at changing the game system several times and adapting the appropriate situations.”

Balance: “It’s crucial, in a match like tomorrow’s you can’t think of not making mistakes, you have to do it as little as possible, but with the will and desire to get through and get to the final.”

On tactics: “Excellent performance in the first leg, which we must then implement again tomorrow, through proven solutions, both in the playoffs and during the season. In these last hours we will work to find the right and adequate solution.”

Awareness: “It’s that of having faced a strong team, putting them in difficulty, thanks to very high pace, something that perhaps they didn’t expect. We’ll try to do it at Menti too. Unlike the first leg, we’ll try to score that goal to go into the final”.

Experience in Vicenza as a footballer: “No revenge, it was an experience that was part of my career as a footballer, I gave and took little at a football level, I was arriving in a declining phase of my career, but there is no desire to revenge”.