Atalanta, Scamacca: “I’m arriving at the European Championships in the best moment of my career, let’s hope for the best”

The Atalanta striker Gianluca Scamacca spoke to the microphones of DAZNafter the home match lost 2-3 against Fiorentina.

How recharged are you arriving at the European Championship, after a legendary season for Atalanta and excellent on a personal level?
“I’m arriving at the best and most important moment of my career. We hope to continue like this and also help the national team.”

What was the thing that made you change gear?
“I remember the San Siro matches, I wasn’t well either physically or mentally and at the beginning of the year I suffered a strain. From February/March onwards, in addition to reaping the fruits of my work, I had a continuity that allowed me to make this season finale.”

What do you think you have improved the most in thanks to Gasperini’s work?
“In the continuity of my performance and in staying in the heart of the match, I feel much more in the heart of the game.”

What is Atalanta property?
“A family, something healthy and pure that is difficult to find today. You feel involved at 360 degrees and it pushes you to go beyond your limits.”

Two finals and two victories in two years: at the European Championships?
“Let’s hope. We have to honor the shirt, then if we get to the end even better.”